North Carolina’s 1st Historical Flag

The Hornet’s Nest Flag

“The first flag of North Carolina was white and bore a hornet’s nest and the date May 20, 1775”
(page 627: Preble, George Henry. Origin and History of the American Flag, Fourth Edition 1894, First Edition 1872 Boston.

More than a Year before The Declaration of Independence


The date, May 20, 1775, reflects the date that the citizens of Mecklenburg declared independence from Britain more than a year before the Continental Congress in Philadelphia declared independence from Britain. There are British documents that mention this declaration and many eyewitnesses also mention it in their writings.

After being driven out by fierce opposition of Charlotte’s & Mecklenburg’s citizens to British occupation in 1780 during the American Revolutionary War British General Cornwallis wrote that “Charlotte Town was a hornet’s nest of rebellion.”


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